Apr 27, 2021, 07:41 PM

For the last few months, we have loved welcoming friends and family back to our homes. This has been via visits with residents but also in supporting us with projects around the homes once again.

This has been something we have greatly missed over the last 14 months. Our homes were bustling places of activity and energy brought about by the passionate people that entered our homes; not simply those living and working there but the people who visited and supported the home. Now that visiting is opening up, it has been absolutely wonderful to have the opportunity to connect with such special people once again.

Renaissance garden project

We recently launched our gardening competition that challenged homes to created fun and vibrant areas within their gardens. Mostly, this was an opportunity for people to socialise, interact and engage once again and we have been thrilled to see the uptake in volunteers and partners joining in on the challenge.

We recently asked Beech Manor what difference this interaction meant to them.

Beech Manor Care Home

‘We wanted relatives to be involved to help re-connect and help them feel included in the home following such a long time without them.  We’ve really missed them and their contribution to the atmosphere and the environment here at the home.

We have two garden projects running at the moment and relatives are involved in both. It has been such a positive experience for us which has so far benefited our residents greatly as some can sit alongside their relatives in the garden; talk with them and simply watch if they are not able to take part. Also, other residents have enjoyed watching from their balconies and have commented that ‘it’s so nice to see people around the home again’.

What we want to achieve is a bright and colourful sensory garden with raised beds, a variety of smells, textures and colours. Something that all our people would benefit from and enjoy over time. 

We’ve found that our relatives have greatly enjoyed being able to get involved again found the interactions with resident, staff and other loved ones really positive. It’s been a great way for them to re-connect with each other and also make new friendships.’

We are really looking forward to seeing the results of all this garden work. If this is something you would like to get involved in at your care home, please speak with a member of staff who will be able to help you.

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