Relationships are formed at every aspect of our lives: friendships, partners, colleagues to name a few. These last 12 months taught us that above everything else, these relationships are the key thing that makes us tick as people.

Strip away all the luxuries of day-to-day life such as meals out, holidays, parties. If you ask anyone, at this moment in time, what they crave more than anything else right now, it is the simple necessities we previously took for granted; the main one being able to see our friends and family.

Meaningful contact is important to us all. We enjoy sharing conversations with our friends, taking our grandparents out for lunch, going on holiday with extended family. Each of these activities helps us connect to the people that matter most to us and the result of this time together often helps us to feel emotions of happiness, calmness and comfort.

If we know that this physical connection provides us with positive energy and motivation for our day, imagine what meaningful contact does for a resident in a care home.

Visitors for care home residents often forms the highlight of an individual’s day; if not week. Knowing that they have precious time planned with their child, partner, sibling, friend, grandchild where they can talk about their life, their worries or offer advice is a form of therapy. Enjoying a hug, seeing a loving smile or holding a reassuring hand often helps alleviate feelings of loneliness, distress and anxiety.

Care homes should be places of solace, happiness, comfort, health and love. By reintroducing loved ones to spend quality time with residents, we hope that our care homes start to rebuild the joyful and inclusive environments where people really shine and thrive.

Anxiety from emotional separation is great. Therefore, the reintroducing of touch, love and togetherness for residents, and their loved one, is iconic. It’s a turning point in rebuilding the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of all people connect to care homes.



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