Moving into a care home at any time can be difficult, however, add to that a global pandemic and understandably emotions are heightened.

We aim to make the process as simple and as supported as possible, taking away the fear and anxiety that may occur. Our teams within our homes are recruited and trained for skill but more so, recruited based on their attributions of empathy, compassion and understanding. Therefore, their natural instinct is to help, support and nurture.

Government guidance indicates that new residents to a care home must self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival to a home. We appreciate that this may be daunting which is why we’re doing our very best to support the transition through 1:1 personal care, encouraging FaceTimes with loved ones and supporting essential visits.

Once the isolation period is complete, we will continue to support the introduction into care home life by introducing residents to their new environment as well as other residents and members of the care team. This will happen at a pace that is comfortable for your loved one.

At this point, regular visiting from family members is encouraged. At present, residents can enjoy indoor visits with two separate designated visitors, followed by garden and window visits from extended family or friends. Visits need to be booked in advance to help us control footfall, however, we encourage and promote meaningful contact and believe that loved ones should be able to spend quality time together, supporting and encouraging each other to get the very best out of their days.

Our homes are the happy and nurturing homes based on the people within them; our residents, their loved ones and our workforce. The combination of personalities, love and energy is what brings our homes to life and make them sparkle, it what makes our environments great places to live and work in.

For more information about any of our homes, then contact us today.



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