Today, I write out to you all with a message of support and gratitude.

I know that the last eight months have been challenging in many ways, some that few out with the care sector will understand. These pressures undoubtedly take their toll on each individual, with both physical and emotional fatigue setting in.

My admiration for each and every person that works within Renaissance Care is unprecedented. Your strength and ability to continue delivering the very best care to our residents is incredible, not only is this delivered professionally, it’s delivered with compassion and equally as important, with a smile and a gentle touch.

We are currently waiting with bated breath for the impact of this ‘second wave’ that we hear spoken about. This bringing questions of when, how and if. At Milford House, our friends and colleagues are fearlessly tackling an outbreak of COVID-19. You may hear reported the number of people testing positive with the infection (32 total), however, as of today, we have 11 residents and ten staff members from Milford who are no longer isolating and are in the recovery phase. My full admiration and praise to Milford for their response.

So when we question ‘when, how, if’, instead of fearing the impact of COVID, we are composed in the knowledge that we as individuals, are trained, strong and able to deal with the virus if it ever enters our homes.

The knowledge from our leadership team and our infection control procedures that we have in place is being highly praised by our professional bodies. I am confident in our teams and the ability to manage any situation or outbreak.

I urge each person to ensure they follow all infection control procedures to help minimise the risk of infection or outbreak. I also offer my full support to homes and staff groups throughout this time. We are a united team, we are Renaissance Care, and together we will come through this stronger, tighter and more knowledgeable than ever.

Thank you, from the very bottom of my heart, for everything you continue to do to support each other and our residents. Your bravery will never be forgotten.

Yours in Care

Robert Kilgour
Executive Chairman, Renaissance Care



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