After ten months of COVID-19 and living within restrictions, fears and in disconnect; we must sit and question the phrase ‘everything happens for a reason’.

What possible reason could there be for COVID-19? A virus that has not only killed many and separated families and loved one; but one that has impacted the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health and wellbeing of every individual throughout the country, young or old.

For young, the reintroduction of social settings can become overwhelming. For the elderly, the impact of limited contact with loved ones has removed their connection to their world outside life within a care home. Some of their greatest experiences in a day or week was a visit from a friend or family member, yet now they live in a world where they are forced to sit outside in the cold to face their nearest and dearest behind a mask.

So again we ask, what could possibly be the reason? Let’s look at things from a slightly different angle. From within a care home setting, we have seen some of the most heroic and courageous behaviors, we have tested the fears of many and witnessed the inner strength of individuals that we didn’t even know existed. The fight for life as people battled the virus, the fight for normality as people demonstrated creative ways to make each other smile again and the fight for acceptance for people to change their perceptions of care homes.

The people within care homes have often been forgotten about; staff and residents. However, this is no longer. The workforce are recognised for their epic contribution to society during its toughest hour, and our residents are recognised for being members of society who contribute to the history and future of our communities.

The reason for COVID may never be known, however, the impact of COVID is far greater than the devastation we hear reported. Its impact has seen some of the most inspiring stories, people and behaviors known to our generation – ones that will forever be etched in our memories.



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