"Everyone puts the residents first and tries their best every day. We get some great banter with residents and it’s an absolute joy coming to work."

"I like the entertainment here. I like that - I love that it's fun."

"I can relax. I like to sort out my pictures and keep busy. I enjoy dusting and tidying up."

"I like it here and getting everything done for me. I like to try help when I can. Everyone is so lovely and takes care of me."

"I like it here because it keeps me warm and the people are all very nice. I like using the face thing (FaceTime) to keep up with the church."

"It's brilliant when you get a good laugh. We’re really happy here at the home, we’re actually all buddies."

"I like it here for several reasons. Number 1 it's very friendly. Number 2 I don't feel like I have to run all the time."

"I like having my meals put in front of me. I really like the staff. They are so friendly and helpful and take the time to get to know me."

"It's really nice here. Its like home. I like having company and the like the cat. If there's a cat in here, I will take it and you've had it. I like to sit back and watch you all."

"I enjoy my job because there's a trust between the staff. It's like a second family and we look out for each other."